1 hour ride for beginners - BGN 55
One hour riding lesson includes initial contact with the horse, getting acquainted with its movements - running, trot, canter.
Saddle, horse boarding, riding with a rope, then with a cord, in coral.
Request - 2 days in advance.
Horse treks in the region are particularly interesting for two reasons. First – because of the hilly-flat nature and terrain which is excellent for horse trekking and second: the area is sparsely populated and riders can find places where no man has been for decades. The plateau reveals wonderful panoramic views of the Danubian Plain and the Osam River. For outright beginners, we offer an hourly tuition with a cord, in coral, by a qualified instructor.
Advanced riders can make a day, beam trips which we organize in four directions, along with a guide.
Horses: they are comfortable and tenacious. Arabian-shagya breed. It is characterized as one of the smartest and tenacious breeds for work and hiking; gracious. Their movements are light and beautiful. Contact with them is energy filling and valuable.
Riding equipment - high quality, American, western saddles Ortho-Flex. It is recommended that riders wear helmets and boots or leggings for riding.
Horse treks
East - leaving Ongal, riding around the village of Gorsko Slivovo to Pustiyata Dam Lake. Break and picnic lunch by the lake. Riding back to Ongal on a different route.
The trek is 30 km or a 6-hour ride.
West - the route runs along the northern edge of the plateau to the Devetashka Cave. A panoramic view of the Danube Valley is revealed. Break, lunch and viewing of the cave. Return to Ongal.
Approximately 25 km - 5-hour ride.
North - includes riding from Ongal to Krushuna Waterfalls. Break, refreshment and breakfast at the Maarata Hut. Viewing waterfalls.
The second part of the trek is from Krushuna to Osam River, swimming with the horses in the river and back to Ongal.
The route is about 20 km - 4-hour ride.
South - leaving Ongal. Riding along a hilly terrain, through forests and meadows. Break and viewing the Garvanitsa Gap. Continuing to the Kramolin Dam Lake. Break and picnic-lunch by the lake. Ride to the starting point.
The route is 30 km, about 6-hour ride.
The cost of a full-day tour is BGN 220 per person with a minimum of three people or 600 BGN.
A trek request should be made at least one week in advance.
Including VAT
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