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In the northern end of the Devetashko plateau, three kilometres above the Krushuna Wsaterfalls, one of the most interesting villages in the region is cuddled. With fewer than a hundred Bulgarians, the village of Karpachevo is named after Hristo Karpachev, the poet who wrote the popular song "Rustle thickets and ranges" (Шумете дебри и балкани).
The unique architecture of the old houses with even stone masonry attracts connoisseurs of architecture.
To the north, one can relish the breathtaking view over the Danubian plain, while the fresh air and healthy climate are a prerequisite for the existence of more than 300 herbs and game diversity. The plateau is little known but is rich in natural phenomena. Besides the Krushuna Waterfalls and the Osam River canyon, five of Bulgaria's longest caves are located there: Devetashka, Bonin, Vodopada, Urushkata, Gornik.
One can see all Karst shapes: carrie, dens, hollows, blind, semi-blind and dry valley, canyon (gorge), chasms, cave galleries and halls.
Thank you for keeping the environment clean for future generations!
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